Meg Weitz (Greenberg) and the late Michael Greenberg have been involved with Briards since 1976, when they acquired their first two black females of de Charlemagne breeding. Immersion in the breed came about almost immediately, as they were successful with one of the girls from the start. While living in Burlington, Vt., and then Syracuse, N.Y. at the time they began exhibiting , they quickly found that they had to travel to compete as well as to learn. Meg and Michael shared the handling duties. For Meg, it was a continuation of her childhood pleasure of showing dogs(she competed in breed, junior showmanship, and obedience with Miniature Schnauzers starting in 1964), but for Michael it was an entirely new experience at which he quickly excelled.

Meg's whole family owned Briards once they became familiar with the breed, and although her parents and sister are gone now, they left a legacy of shared passion for the breed. Michael's daughter Tammie grew up with the first dogs, and today, comes to visit often with her own two children. In 1984, their son Joshua was born into a household of Briards, who eagerly accepted the newest family member. Joshua, now 37 and has graduated from UNC Charlotte with his masters in business. Josh and his wife, Dara, retain close ties to the family dogs, and have been a tremendous help as extraordinarily gifted "puppy wranglers".  

Between 1978 and 2002 the Bejaune Briards and family resided in Wilmington, DE(except for a brief 2 year stint in Abington, Ct), and the Greenbergs were regular exhibitors at shows throughout the North East and Mid-West. Since November, 2002, Meg and Michael have been in Yanceyville, N.C, which is just south of Danville, Va, and about 45 miles north of Greensboro, N.C. They have continued to breed and show, and still travel as necessary to continue their ongoing education in dogs. Since joining the Briard Club of America in 1978, they have attended all but a handful of National Specialties, wherever held, and have journeyed to numerous Regional Specialties throughout the country as well. 
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