About Us

Meg is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in art history and philosophy, and Michael graduated from Wilmington College with a degree in accounting. They have been antique dealers for many years, offering canine art and antiques at  dog shows throughout the country, including Westminster Kennel Club, the AKC/Eukanuba Invitational, and the Montgomery County Kennel Club. 

Michael was a judge of Briards and 4 other herding breeds and Junior Showmanship. 
He judged Briard Specialty shows in the US(MOBC and BCC Regional Specialties), the Canadian Briard Club National Specialty,  the Dutch Club Match(National Specialty), and in July, 2008, the Finnish Briard Club Specialty. He also judged Briards at the Three Counties Show in England. Apart from judging, Michael enjoyed serving a number of all-breed clubs as an officer, board member, and show chair. He also chaired two Briard Club of America National Specialties, chaired the Specialty Coordination Committee, and served on the Breed Education Committee. 

Meg has been involved with all-breed clubs as well, but has devoted most of her time to serving the Briard Club of America, wearing the hats of board member several times, show chair, past medical chair, eye committee chair(continuing presently), as well as currently serving as the Breed Education Coordinator. 

Meg is a BCA Presenter-Tutor. Both Meg and Mike have participated in the presentation of BCA, AKC, and Regional club sponsored seminars. They have also attended breed seminars for other herding breeds, as well as judging, breeding, and medical seminars. 

January, 2009, has found both Meg and Michael receiving the attribution of " Lifetime Member " from the Briard Club of America. This classification of membership is determined by 30 years of membership and service to the BCA.

Meg and Michael shared the philosophy is that it is important to not only keep learning, but to pass knowledge on to those who love the Briard. 

Our Breeding Goals 

Our 30 plus years of experience and commitment to the breed has afforded us the opportunity to study Briards in the US and abroad; incorporating into our family of dogs the characteristics we treasure and wish to achieve as we pursue the never ending goal of trying to breed the best possible dogs. 

It is not an easy task to breed a beautiful dog who is healthy and has a great temperament, but it is a worthy goal. We pay careful attention to the health concerns in the breed. The many who came before in the 70'S and 80'S put the Briard into a much better place concerning hips, and we owe them a great debt of thanks. Many breeders today also check elbows as well. We are fortunate in our breed to have a genetic test for CSNB(Congenital Stationary Night Blindness)since 1999, as this anomaly has been found worldwide in the breed. Regular (yearly) eye examinations into maturity for other potentially hereditary diseases is important. 

Continued vigilance is the key, and we look to depth of pedigrees concerning health and longevity as we make our breeding selections. 
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